We are a full-service agency

Admiracle offers a caliber of unique branding capabilities. We respond to business challenges with solutions that are creative, professional, unique and effective. Every project we undertake benefits from
an ingrained passion and cultural knowledge. Our unique blend of talent, experience and imagination
shines through everything we do.



We are first and foremost, a strategic partner. Because brands don’t happen in a vacuum. They are creations of context - temporal, cultural, social, economic, technological, geographic and so on. That’s why we prefer to start at the beginning with an intensive immersion in brand ecology and provide our clients sound advertising and promotional strategies.


The future of a business is with right branding. We, at Admiracle, discover its voice; we give it dimension and character. We are aware of the highly competitive market and audiences where rivals can duplicate a service or product in a matter of weeks or months, the only competitive edge is your brand. We create strong brand identities that will build mindshare - one of the strongest competitive advantages imaginable.


You would like to boost your brand with captivating designs. Our design team is a group of experts in form and function and are the key architects behind any brand material that requires applied art and design solutions. We prepare, produce and manage designs with specific purpose or goal in mind that fulfills its intended purpose to grab the attention of the target audience and communicate well.
Content Writing


It takes more than language dominance to beat the market with smart content. Besides, it should be sensible, crisp, catchy, appealing, engaging, intriguing, interactive, simple and purposeful. At Admiracle, we understand and appreciate this art, giving you the customer, exactly what it takes to win hearts and minds. This enables us to create region specific and segment friendly content with a team of experts in every field working together to deliver the results.


We engage your audience through a variety of experiences: print media, video, broadcast, social, digital and 3-D environments. It’s an ongoing conversation with people taking place on multiple fronts, each reinforcing the others. We observe, we feel, we imbibe. Media Planning is a crucial step on your way to business success. We provide you with the best possible advertising space for your business.
Digital Marketing


We optimize your brand’s visibility and functionality in digital space, on all platforms, stationary and mobile. And most importantly we make it part of a consistent and seamless brand experience. The modern era has opened countless possibilities for companies in terms of performance efficiency. The website, social media etc. are the most profitable and rewarding marketing and administration tools nowadays.
Event Management


While organizing an event, it is important that every team member has a similar vision of the work as well as a desire to see the event through in the most efficient way from beginning to end. So event management is a strategic marketing and communication tool that can make any company, big or small, to reach existing and potential clients. It is the creation, development and management of any kind of event.
Direct Marketing


This has direct approach that allows us to communicate straight to the customer. It can be more cost effective - depending on how and where the direct marketing campaign is rolled out. The process of direct marketing involves specifying goals, setting response system, identifying target audience, selection of marketing channels, creation of campaigns and review of results.

We're where distance & time zones are no bar

Our clients range across Gujarat, all over India and abroad. They are from corpoates to professionals. Industries to trading businesses. Entrepreneurs to artists, with creative forays into foreign lands like US and Canada. We are located in the center of Saurashtra at Rajkot, hence working out from there has its advantages. We deliver the essence of the land, where distance and time zones are no bar.