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Strategies for marketing plans


To attain your business objectives, a marketing plan is a must. As it will guide you at your every move and will keep you stick to it and not getting carried away. Admiracle builds strategies that concentrate on proper marketing activities. Admiracle reinforces and leverages your brand. By tracking expenses and measuring costs keeps you on track. You need a Marketing Calendar and accordingly organize all the promotional activities and be benefitted by grabbing the opportunities with their timely estimation. We make sure that all of them work and be most effective at the same time.

Rightly executing social media branding


As a point to reach out to your target audience, social media is greatly advantageous. If handled well, it will be a powerful and decisive marketing tool. Admiracle makes sure that the social media works well for your brand. Saving your time and finding resources for you is a part of our service. We give due thought for every platform you wish to reach. Proper brand message shared accurately with the targeted groups draws engagement which would, by and by, result in sales.

Key role for online marketing


These days we can employ a number of tools and get registered with many platforms to set up our online marketing on automatic mode. They are superb technologies for sure, but there comes our role. Admiracle sets it up, supervises it and makes sure that they deliver the expected outcome with the organized reports and systematic analysis. We provide online marketing solutions befitted with your requirements, objectives and allocated funds too. Be rest assured as we always remain aware of the ever-changing systems of the search engines, changes in policy from the internet providers and the compliancy norms of online marketing practices and immediately implement them.

Copy that connects


The style of our content is like having a discussion with whom we are already acquainted. We keep our language largely professional, but stay away from too much marketing jargon with which everyone is not expected to be familiar. We are aware of the fact that your business organization has to have a perceivable and definite statement. What you need is to be authentic, reliable, sociable and a bit weird too. As the language you write makes your followers know you as a brand, who you actually are. Sound copywriting does matter. It makes your brand stand out for all its right features.

Engaging brand campaigns


Well-conceptualised advertising campaigns keep people engaged on their own. They talk about them from time to time, even decades after they have dropped out of sight. Creation of strong brand campaigns need both ability and expertise. Spending on ad creatives and market research has to make sure that the money spent on buying media space fetch enough returns. The big share in almost all ad campaigns cost is the media itself – print advertisement space, hoardings, radio and television ad spots, or Pay Per Click in internet marketing. So, applying the right creative is very important. Then the media cost becomes an investment that returns in multifold.

Exceptional print & packaging design


Print as a communication tool is still going great guns and even with less contention nowadays. Direct mail promotion is decreasing. The brands and the end-users are paying more attention to the printed material that does arrive at their door-steps. Print technologies have upgraded. Enviro-friendly papers, natural inks and modern printing modes drop the recipients in amazement and joy, with novel effects and one-to-one conversation being used. Select packaging solutions are available even in tiny numbers. Exclusive designs are a solution we provide for print and packaging, with some unconventional concepts.

Sensible media buying


We utilize our professional relations with the major players in the media and win in your favour for national and regional media buying. In case you already have a link in a media channel, we represent your requirement and work with them on your behalf. It is always advisable to work with an experienced and professional media buyer. Every media channel will leave no stone unturned to persuade you that they have got the best product suited for you. However, we analyze all those options and decide what will be best for your requirements having an eye on your budget also. We make our honest recommendations and use our negotiative skills to make your campaigns succeed.

Efficient PR & media relations


PR and media relations are equally important for effective communication as a part of your branding. Building a brand image and maintaining an efficient PR (Public Relations) and MR (Media Relations) are essential. Intimation from a trustworthy unbiased source will always be considered more credible than what it is directly informed by the organization itself. Admiracle makes sure that its clients have positive coverage in the media for their products, services, landmarks and programmes. With candid PR, the positive media reports help spread the correct information effectively and efficiently which is quite important for a brand.

Best SEO strategies


SEO is a combination of all the different tactics for making the search engines find your website at the earliest for the site visitors and ranking it higher. In a way it's a science and an art as well. It does not remain static but keeps changing from time to time. Admiracle uses best on-page SEO strategies while developing the client websites. For us, Google is apparently the most vital search engine to concentrate during our SEO efforts. For the clients, we make every effort to deliver the best and most appropriate search results for their website visitors.

Added lead generation


Once a website is hosted it starts working round the clock as a digital employee of your sales team! It keeps inviting the wouldbe customers of your products or services. We design and develop a website with an objective to turn the visitors to be your next customers. Even if you have a complex technical sales, we inspire visitors to go further and gradually framing their minds to deal with you. We make them memorize your brand and remain in touch. We use the technologies that keep track of their visits, the pages they visit often and duration of their stay on your site. This is the essential information you may need to boost the leads.

Paid search advertising as a future return


Acronyms or the set of initial letters used for paid search advertising like SERP-Search Engine Results Page, PPC-Pay Per Click, CPC-Cost Per Conversion or Cost Per Click, CTR-Click Through Rate, etc. keep buzzing in the digital world. They can bewilder the advertising brands. We explain them the term Paid Search. We clarify that how various alternatives work and pinpoint the ones that can work best for the requirements of their type of business.

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