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Ranking high with tactful SEO


Admiracle's agile and unceasing SEO strategies have the potential to significantly move the organic traffic to the client's website. SEO is a blanket term that means that all the various diverse efforts to make the search engines discover your website the fastest and rank it upper. We implement top practice on-page SEO strategies while designing and developing the client websites. We always strive to deliver the best and most suitable search results for the visitors of their website.

Website design with user experience


Admiracle develops and designs the client websites that cater to the users an uncomplicated and funful online experience. Admiracle provides them with an attractively designed website so that they don't have to think too much about using it. We keep User Experience-UX and User Interface-UI as priority while designing them. We ensure that it tells the story of the clients' brand. Our designs communicate their story in a relevant and captivating order, making sure that their vital messages are simple to find and brief to grab the attention of the visitors.

Generating more leads


Your sales team has a digital member, your website ! It works 24 x 7, keeps on fetching the likely customers. We design and develop a website in order to make its visitors to be the next consumers of the client. Even if they are in a complex technical sales, we motivate the visitors to take the next step, gently making them ready to do business. Making it easy for them to remember their brand and prompting them to remain in their touch. Admiracle keeps track of their visits, noting the pages they visit too often and the time they stay on the site. This is a very useful information you may just need for generating more leads.

User experience through creative content


We create content that provides brand experiences designed as such that tells the brand story that prompts conversations to begin in astonishing ways. That would make even the experts take a step back and applaud. Good content is essential for a website to succeed. Latest, modern and creative content performs as a crucial factor. On and around the central message to be communicated to the target audience, we develop the client story well, check the info accurately and then back the web content plan with proficient writing, rephrasing and resort to SEO for all the written words used in website content, blog articles, social media content and print or electronic media releases.

Self-updation made possible through CMS


It is a modern tool which is useful in directly relating to customers and improve sales. Previously it was a bit arduous to effect changes in your website as you had to turn to your website designer to do them for you. Obviously it was not convenient for many and they were continuing with old data sometimes on their website. Whereas regular content updates are always fairly beneficial for a website. We create websites with a provision for a simple back-end CMS (Content Management System) to manage those on your own at your end. Admiracle also trains and supports the clients for the same, so that they can keep the control they desire to have.

User Interface & e-commerce on website


For many customers your website can become your outlet. We make it as easy as possible for them to purchase your products or services. As in the modern e-commerce age, the financial transactions are availed online and it enables the site visitors to become your customers. You just have to fulfill some specific requirements to make it possible. What also necessary are the trust and safety. For that to happen the user interface design for your website is very important. UI is how your site would appear, feel and interact with its visitor who is using your online e-commerce services.

Efficient paid search management


We undertake highly efficient paid campaign development and management on online platforms like Google, Facebook and other networks that gets the clients targeted visitors. We come across many acronyms of paid search advertising like PPC-Pay Per Click, CTR-Click Through Rate, CPC-Cost Per Click or Cost Per Conversion, SERP-Search Engine Results Page and many more. Those can be confusing for the advertisers. However, we help clients by explaining them about the term Paid Search. We point out to them how various options would work and suggest them the ones which should suit best for their type of sales.

Ongoing support


Admiracle designs websites that belong to the clients. For us it is important that they carry on working with us on their own, based on our support and quality services rather than for any obligation. Every new site has the client-registered domain name and is kept wholly transferable for hosting. Admiracle is transparent in its services. The promise of continuous support stays forever. Due care of their website will always be taken with assurance of keeping it updated, safe and functioning nicely as planned.

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