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Global branding makeover for a traditional spices manufacturer


To build loyalty, branding needs to be judicious strategically. For Adani Spices we made sure that it would be a statement of the central principle or core values of the brand, quality products and service, it presents the attributes, aim and essence which reveals what it is all about as an established brand. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Since 1955, Adani Spices has been a very prominent, dynamic and competent spices brand, within India and overseas.

The entire branding of Adani Spices has undertaken by Admiracle beginning from their logo redesign, catalogue design, packaging design, print media ads, radio jingles, PPT slides, corporate film, environmental graphics, standees, kiosks and also promoted them with their social media branding.

Legacy, generations and trade of spices


The branding of Adani Spices begins verily from its works premises, exercising backward integration. Fields of chillies are in proximity that have been supplying raw materials in the form of best quality chillies for since so many decades. Keeping it in mind, we have included chillies to provide better harmony and clarity with smaller fonts used in their logo redesign. Adani Spices is synonymous with purity. Anything it produces, bound to feel pure and authentic. We generated designs that consist of brand vision, product details and their decades-old legacy all together.

A visual experience that feels, looks and works


Each Adani Spices product has its own tale that is enlivened in the short promotion films produced with meticulous detail and traditional background. The script content was created, brand campaigns was included and product stories were told to connect the Adani Spices target audience to dip themselves in the taste they favour so much. The significance of product photography in these videos was emphasized, complying to the set criterion of creative art direction.

Thumb-first interaction design for user experience


Our involvement taps the feel of the brand to focus, designing visuals and creating ideas for social media platforms that grab product-oriented storytelling at its strategic base. Obviously it is more than just a food brand; this is the platform where it can be presented as realistic, accessible with creative endeavours on our part that promotes clean environment, boosting the matter to higher levels and the brand constantly ahead.

Admiracle has shown deep understating of our trade and the field in which we have been over six decades. To our changed business priorities, occurred by global expansion plans, they considerably and decisively responded at a very critical juncture. The outcome was a steady transition to a new look brand for our organisation, maintaining the vital elements and moving forward. Most importantly for us, the makeover process created high confidence amongst our consumers, employees and stakeholders about our brand strength as well as an elevated excitement for future endeavours. It is essentially completed and our brand is thriving thanks to Admiracle for being a vital branding partner to our progress.
Jitendra Adani, Director, Adani Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
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