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An integrated brand makeover of an innovative speciality films manufacturer


The branding of Essen Multipack has been being handled by Admiracle for a period of over ten years. They are ranked among one of the top multi-layer co-extruded polymer films and sheets manufacturer in India. After completing their inaugural branding design successfully, together we opted to undertake their brand makeover to increase their presence and market-share. We remained on their side by side in implementing the crux of their brand agenda. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Playing the role of their branding ally, Admiracle effected Essen Multipack's brand transformation to put them in the proper place in the global market beginning with changing their logo, redesigned their brochure, redeveloped website and reaffirmed their brand promise to be a creator of stakeholder value and devising innovative technologies to transform lives.

Everything was done with the new thinking of evolving for better future and progress. We boosted it as a dynamic and strong brand devoted to innovation by looking after their total branding.

Website design dictated by data


To keep the Essen brand progress and redesign it over time, we developed their website with different sections and refined structure. This provided them an efficient solution to build lively text pages and instil narratives wherever it's appropriate. From a user experience design perspective, exploring performed as a support for this web structure, allowing the visitors to know the brand in depth. We tested with image, both conduct based elements and feelings implementation during the entire design exercise, ultimately reaching an exceptionally customised website design structure.

We picked the central verticals spread along the entire site and displayed the features and advantages of Essen products with a mix of salient links and minutest design ideas. Admiracle connected the users to the facts they look for and putting across the quality and features of each Essen product. We carried through the exclusive touch of the experience and never allowed design to divert the theme of the website.

The brand research that Admiracle did for us was very accomplished that brought the real character of our conglomerate to the fore and how it was special from others in this field. We admired the brand concept so much that got it framed in our headquarters. Admiracle could really sense who we are as a brand and the strains we have to cope up with. The sea change with the newly designed brand and people's response to it have been quite encouraging.
Jawahar Pandya, Managing Director, Essen Multipack Limited
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