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Strategic branding for a global standard CPP films manufacturer


The brand Rhyeco is an icon of hygiene and safety - the commitment for premium CPP films. Leading domestic and overseas brands are being catered by them. The reputation of their exclusive brand of CPP films built by rapidly exceeding basic plans and it was the proper time for a total rebuilding of their brand and the website design with the choice to customize products. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

They approached us to establish the brand image of ‘rhyeco’ using our judicious and imaginative line of action. As an agency of record Admiracle was assigned their portfolio based on its long exposure, integrated thinking and fame by the parent company Messers Rahil (CPP) Films Pvt. Ltd. Apparently it knew that Rhyeco's brand identity would play its environment-friendly angle and visually carry the utility and USPs of the products. So we opted an exquisite approach to pinpoint and present those by employing imaginative ideas.

Choosing the font that alternatively comprises light and bold letters, Admiracle gave brand Rhyeco a noticeable brand identity with subtle alterations in fonts to incorporate the quality protection that is at the center of their products of CPP films. Apart from the logo design Admiracle developed and designed its website and print design as well. As their branding and media consultant Admiracle widely promoted Rhyeco in print media and billboards also.

Well-timed visual presentation


Admiracle planned a strategy based on an extraordinary idea. A part of it was communicating what they do by displaying through dimensional photography with plenty of diversity. The significance of concept photography was emphasized by us by following excellent visual communication norms. Some fabulous designs were developed by us for the brand Rhyeco that enabled them to become a universal player thanks to our intense teamwork undertaking concept photography to render compelling visuals for their catalogue, website design and advertising collaterals. We made it convenient for them to showcase their latest products, to keep their brand image uptodate and ensured that the buyers can have access to decent quality.

Creation of a fresh design language and packaging concepts


We ensured that their website is as user-friendly as their products, by offering a series of customizations and inputs. The website header was placed to utilise the new formation of the brand identity on loading of every page. It has a delicate execution which is enjoyable for any visitor. Then it was finished off with the impressive tagline, 'The Best Packaging Value'. The imaginative design is refreshing, conspicuous, fascinating and optimized. It allows a wide backdrop, providing the content an even importance and propelling the brand constantly ahead. Unique designs are displayed by the product pages to highlight the product characteristics, hence great user experience is on offer.

Admiracle stands out in their meticulously set planning, designing and execution for our custom needs and always introduces our innovation with designs that extra-ordinarily promote our brand promise spot on. They have been our key brand building partner, in designing our website and print campaigns. Well-planned strategy, efficient communication, everything delivered under an extreme deadline pressure, have been attracting numberless visits to our website and a superb response. They triggered a decisive head start in establishing a reputation for our relatively new brand.
Aakash Bhadani, Director, Rahil (CPP) Films Pvt. Ltd.
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