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A novel branding concept for an exemplary tile showroom in Canada


Atlas Tiles Plus approached us seeking to do fresh branding for its brand new tile showroom in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It is an exclusive and premier tiles showroom committed to modern tiling tendencies that makes you feel the trends and patterns of the leading brands. Atlas Tiles Plus with its vast range of modern designs happens to be a latest tiles outlet. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

We applied our imagination for the brand concept of their privileged tile showroom. Considering the scale of creative thinking that their branding required to incorporate with, it was a demanding pitch which Admiracle accepted positively. Our branding strategy rendered Atlas Plus Tiles a goal for a visionary attitude which is a joy always for today and tomorrow.

Admiracle brought out their flair for a novel fusion of vision and expertise maintaining a superb proportion amongst aesthetic charm and prevalent requirements by producing exceptional print creatives and designing an engaging website.

A user-friendly website with intended search functionality


We designed website user experience of informativeness for Atlas Tiles Plus, which was more dimensional and lifestyle-centric. We take the users to the product display pages and have placed proper emphasis on them. This renders more perspective and brand building scope before you ultimately reach the contact section. Gripping combination of products and the user experience invites the visitors with an enticement to their choice for searching ahead.

Providing a more humanistic buying exposure, like how anyone would purchase in a tile showroom or know products through brand endorsements. Involved in working hand in hand with them, we were able to stay pretty sharp pixelwise. Layout with fixed-width provided us direct command with our precise designing. An elegant, smooth and interesting user interface is quite beneficial for the products and service information the visitors would be seeking.

Judging by my exposure with Admiracle so far, I would give them five out of five. While beginning a new venture it is always very difficult to cover all marketing channels. Admiracle's keen team guided me with a strategy for my new business enterprise to be on the track of success. Admiracle's capability to develop inspired solutions to enhance performance and user experience are fetching fabulous results. We are more than happy with the website they designed and developed for us. It's contemporary, appealing and can be navigated with great ease. We are so thankful for their guidance and know-how as branding professionals. We have already experienced a rise in our business with their wisdom. It's amazing to take a new viewpoint on how to lift your business and make it flourish.
Simran Kahlon, Atlas Tiles Plus, Vaughan-Canada
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