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Boosting a classic grooming brand with emphatic branding


Vaiva is an earnest grooming and styling prime beauty treatment brand offering products made with natural essential oils. They add to the beauty and grace of the salon visitors with their exceptional quality. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

For Vaiva, Admiracle teamed together with them for their total brand building. Having the millennials in mind, the goal was to build a brand that would tap into the hearts of the consumers and invite a very solid brand response from its target groups. We managed this by conceptualizing communication design that radiates contemporary vibrations, grabs onlookers' heed and draws the ultimate users to give space to Vaiva products on the racks of their salons.

Admiracle has designed its emphatic & lively logo, catalogue, booklets, brochures, packaging designs, outlet branding, events design and website design to mirror the merits and efficacy of the Vaiva products. We had two objectives, first to promote the brand that consumers would accept and advise to others, and the second, at the same time also devise, apply and execute regular makeups not requiring to find the salon products anywhere else.

A lucid and engrossing brand concept


Admiracle evolved the brand concept for Vaiva, concentrating on its genuine characteristics to relate with the young generation. Whilst pushing for the Vaiva products and the user experience they impart for beauty salons, we established brand Vaiva as a symbol of best quality products and subsequent full-services. Admiracle applied lively language and did user-friendly promotion for social media for executing the plan and the vision simultaneously drawing the involvement of the target audience.

Visual structure of the website for user experience


The comprehensive design and development of the Vaiva website by Admiracle with a valuable content matter, the mission was to concentrate on setting up a visual structure to put Vaiva’s beauty products to be on spectacular display. For Vaiva's products of personal care and body care, our strategy ensured that the visual graphics tell the story well. Elegant design and the color scheme in bright gold for the logo were part of the design concept and the user experience was formed around images that are outstanding with more influence on account of the advanced planning, letting the visitors to look at the composition, offerings and knowledge on the topic.

Admiracle has been a team of gifted and thorough professionals which is truly eager to deliver. They designed brand identity for us which has helped us in building our strong brand image across the social media platforms and other media. They have designed and developed a very engaging website with profound study of our products. With their valuable inputs for event management they greatly helped us roll out our brand in a splendid manner. We found them exceedingly reliable, imaginative and inspired, all these qualities fit to their services. We would like to vastly recommend them. Don't think too much, secure their services, if you intend to spread your brand extensively.
Haresh Rathod, Director, Chaitanya Cosmetics
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