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Authentic branding for an orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic hospital


Absodontic is among the prominent orthodontic and dentofacial orthopaedic hospitals of India. With its specialized, proficient dental care and sympathetic approach towards the patients, it has become a very eminent name. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Admiracle's job was clearcut: from scratch, establishing the brand and consolidating the image of the orthodontic hospital. Admiracle managed to put the brand Absodontic in a worthy positioning. For them services of graphic designs, custom design brochures & flyers, informative booklets and web design & development were done by Admiracle, penning an impressive by-line, 'Creating Smiles, Changing Lives'.

Highlighting their values of passion, care and service, we chose the colour scheme that is consistent at all media platforms with creative ideas. We have worked with them as their brand partners. Since so many years, we have made efforts to create their exclusive brand image showcasing their dedication, intent and ethos.

We applied the graphic of the 'brace' encompassing the brand identity of Absodontic. The Kozuka fonts are clear, readable and compelling which are appropriate with an orthodontic hospital that has an international fame. The separate outlines that are applied to create the letter forms symbolize the responsible and attentive impression of the orthodontic clinic. The typeface of the brand identity embodies the mainstay of an explicit visual logo which is both adaptable and creative with regard to applications; that is something vital for an orthodontic hospital engaged in diverse treatments.

Providing the look and feel to the brand


For them, the concept photography was vital for uniformity and the thorough feel of the brand Absodontic. Admiracle obtained props for various dentofacial treatments which are included in each treatment as complementing photography and clipped the miracles out of them each. The branding project has covered the designs of brochures, posters, pamphlets and other collaterals. Alongside that, they have also associated us in spotting the precise possibilities and underlining the unique features of the brand with some impressive and intuitive photography.

Website with a visualized design


The website of Absodontic has been designed and developed around the literal individuals who desire for better face and cure their personal dental conditions, putting their views and examples as a base for our subject matter and spraying in micro conversations along side to impart the user experience as realistic as feasible. Every page is devoted to a diverse feature of their care. Testimonials display their individual benefits that give the website visitors a clear sight at the discussions taking place both inside and outside of the hospital.

Team admiracle is wonderful. It's a creative crew, which is very agile and working with them is a great joy. Admiracle created logo for us that perfectly aligns with our vision. We praise their understanding to convert our mission into reality in all aspects of the design. They were meticulous with very efficient follow up and build a partnership to achieve our objectives. We would highly endorse their creative abilities and expertise.
Dr. Dilip Patel, Orthodontist, Absodontic
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