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Branding for a sophisticatedly built commercial complex


Sun Corporation, a real estate venture, developed Alpha Plus, a commercial building complex that offers a fascinating option for flourishing businesses progressing in the city of Rajkot on a commercially crowded road. It was an extraordinary advantage for them that they grasped merrily, in this highly reckoned chic zone in the city of Rajkot. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

In the recent years, many a business are aspiring for comprehensive boom, prompting real estate sector to construct buildings addressing the contemporary commercial requirements. Being among the most progressive and well-planned commercial complexes, Alpha Plus has exclusive position which necessitated a social media presence that highlights both its local significance and business aspirations. Joining hands with them, we felt that Alpha Plus needed to have a comprehensive branding strategy.

Therefore, with its expertise and originality, Admiracle built and strengthened the brand 'Alpha Plus’, a modern architecture, while letting the elegance of the structure to express its own tale. Through a compelling branding, Admiracle endeavoured to attract the rising businesses and professionals to book a space within Alpha Plus by designing their brochure, website, social media promotion, print ads and hoardings too.

Bakehouse branding business cards

Their logo design has the striking elements, starting with a pyramid form and unique fonts. Moreover, bluish green, grey and black colours used to underline the importance and lavishness of the brand in the name as tagline. To perfect this identity, we designed a visual depiction of Rajkot city as a development icon of the Saurashtra peninsula with an array of graphics, which we narrated as inviting to realise people's economic wishes by employing concept photography.

An exclusive website design a boost to lead generation


Invariably Alpha Plus provides a unique experience―it invites different occupations and professionals to own a business space inside it. Admiracle has endeavoured to perfectly convey the series of facilities they provide in a compelling and impressive way. Our aim was to display it in a different way, providing the online site visitors identical feeling to get an impression of the place. We also created some witty call to action titles to bring in the right tone and guide the potential buyers reach the exciting segments of the website instantly.

We were very impressed with the design of the architectural brochure of Alpha Plus. Moreover, the entire design process was simply an extra-ordinary creativity. Working with them was a real joy. As genuine professionals, a bunch of talented people and we highly recommend their branding services. Admiracle truly adds a miracle to a brand. At least we surely think so.
Vijay Dhranga, Director, Sun Corporation
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