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Fostering a brand that caters superior PE films to top players


Moving ahead with the inheritance of industry experience and catering to leading domestic and international brands, Rahil Foam Pvt. Ltd. with its very imposing brand ‘rhyfeel’, has gained the prestige by producing cast PE breathable & Cast PE non-breathable films to worldwide markets. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Looking for progress and advancement, Admiracle was contacted by them to create a new logo to express the authentic perception of Rhyfeel as brand and display it around various media comprising graphics and designs for website, aprons and posters.

Positioning the brand among the corporate clientele, we provided a creative direction to the brand that communicated its approach, passion and thorough protection by the products made of quality raw-material bringing about highest customer satisfaction. As their branding and communication associates, Admiracle created their product catalogue and Powerpoint Presentation also. Admiracle also promoted the brand Rhyfeel in different platforms including print media and environmental designs on a large scale.

Concept Photography for branding in totality


Rhyfeel’s hygienic, neat and starkly elegant image required to stay uniform throughout the entire brand assignment, in harmony with their graphically sleek products in a variety of colours including white which is relevant and prompt to change. The concept photography by Admiracle brought in user experience, providing the chance to exhibit the brand vision even in the outdoor designs. The creative aerial flat-lay shooting mode which not only covers everything in its array but also demonstrates the lifestyle experiences of the final users.

A website with genuine expressive symbols


Admiracle elevated the Rhyfeel website with illustrations, creative graphic images of the quality products in different categories highlighting their salient features right from the go. To display the product information, we used elaborate illustrations inserting the various videos and the application involved with each one. For exploration and other miscellaneous items, we opted for an added icon style that's transparent, neat and impressive.

Here's something more than what the eye sees. When superior user experience is imparted, it brings the visitors to the products that suit their requirements, rendering all the product related pages with information they would be looking for. Though it's not simply about the marketing of the products, here is a great emphasis on making the customers aware with some in-depth details.

We have been working with Admiracle since our beginning, it gives a homely feeling. We have found their team to be genuine and committed to achieving customer satisfaction. They have the right questions to ask to make sure that we are always happy with their designing. Particularly our brand identity designed by them immediately echoed our vision and inspired us to speed up the pace of our industrial business. They have got high visual sense, catchy content writing and fascinating designing by a skillful team in their ranks. They have been able to consistently exceed our branding expectations. Be it the website design or print media project, Admiracle has always come up with fabulous outcome. We admire their adaptable service greatly, as it has enabled us to meet even the tightest of deadlines. They do an excellent job by always understanding a brief and respond with creativity. We look forward to them for their branding involvement for all our future projects also.
Lalit Kagathara, Managing Director, Rahil Foam Pvt. Ltd.
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