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Aiming to bring about fundamental change, Rajoo Engineers is an innovation-driven company making efforts to rediscover the working methods existent in the world pertaining to competence. Rajoo effected the change by identifying and realising on the core global issues industry faces, with an objective to bring about categorical transformation with their excellent efforts.

All these things began in 1986 at Rajoo Engineers, a far-reaching change for a universal presence with branches in India and away. Devotion for excellence with the latest extrusion technology, Rajoo Engineers has brought together the amalgamation of the three 'e's : experience, excellence and expertise. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building. Admiracle accepted the challenging task of engaging the customers convincingly and convey the brand promise of Rajoo Engineers as leaders in the industry. Right from the beginning, Admiracle has been the major contributor in building the concept of their branding as the branding partner.

Admiracle was also instrumental in bolstering their solid brand image in the international markets, by designing their brand identity, product catalogues, stationery design and posters for exhibition. Resorting to a one-on-one theme, we brought Rajoo' as a brand to top class by designing a totally new product catalogue that distinctly presents their range of products and elaborates their journey to motivate and encourage. With a customer friendly attitude, the catalogue displays their products with unique USPs. We had the freedom to showcase our creative concepts pertaining to designing, user-experience, illustrations and brand image promotion. It was very satisfying to work together and that means a better project was always on.

It has been a sheer joy to work with Admiracle. We know them since decades. Their work has unparalleled unambiguity, having an insight to identify our requirements, sharply analyze and follow the right methods while still making us realize that things are going as we would like to go is a knack no one can match up. As a brand existent in the present complicated marketing scenario, we were supposed to address to all those various target audience - professional and personal without sidelining any of them and we think we have gained a fair bit of success. The journey together has been joyful and satisfactory. Everything seems to fall in its place while working with them.
Rajesh Doshi, Director, Rajoo Engineers Limited
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