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Comprehensive branding for an ambitious agro retail chain company


Champion Agro World is the vision of Agro retail chains as one-stop store for the farmers by availing them with the much needed agri inputs and viable contract farming with ease. Later on Champion Agro Limited went on to launch its public issue and Admiracle was entrusted with the assignment of their entire corporate branding. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Admiracle had the full freedom with Champion Agro, right from the beginning, to apply the countless all-inclusive branding components which were vital. Having the clarity of the branding objectives, it was the time to decide the appearance and image of the brand throughout its design structure, right for print media, events, environmental design, publishing and so on.

The corporate image of Champion Agro Ltd. was lifted, as being a foremost agro retail company with Admiracle's total branding concepts in order to let the members of the agro retail chain to enjoy the rapport in the Champion Agro World family and agro centres located at any destinations to be the part of it in harmony with all the stakeholders for a deeply engaging involvement.

Bakehouse branding business cards

Champion Agro's logo design sets about with naive principles, intrinsically modeled brand identity and typography. Moreover, bright green is our first choice with black serves as the complementary color to emphasize the ideals and the inclusiveness of the brand. To integrate the brand persona, Admiracle designed an engaging visual graphic of the earth to portray the development of the farmers in the villages of India. Our focus was to design an enduring and a versatile brand identity which can smoothly get across every suitability Champion Agro World - the agro retail chain needed. Right from apparels to signage, the graphic identity connects and underlines the concept behind everything they offer.

Synthesis of inventive branding components


Admiracle designed and developed exemplary graphics for the creation of a fundamental and credible user experience. We also enjoyed utilizing wonderful images of various yields and agronomical implements. Team Admiracle integrated the brand features into marketing collaterals such as exhibition invites, wall posters, fliers, distinctive uniforms and well-designed stationery. Admiracle pushed their brand by creating print advertisements, environmental designs, event concept designs, exhibition stands & domes designs and also did the publication of their agricultural monthly 'Champion Agro World' aiming to make the farmers of the rural areas aware of the latest agricultural practices and implements.

The Admiracle team has been with us from our onset as an entrepreneur, as we worked together with the Admiracle team for the promotion of our agro retail chain of Champion Agro World centres. Right from the beginning, we are very impressed with the professionalism, skills and application with which they perform. I am grateful to my friend Harish Akbari and his team on making us successfully reach many milestones. I wish Admiracle many more decades of fame and glory. I am particularly pleased with their creations of ad designs for our print media campaigns. They did send across, on our behalf, very informative content in an interesting way, on a monthly basis for our agricultural magazine 'Champion Agro World' that consistently and emphatically formed stakeholders' opinions in our favour. Well done Admiracle!
Dhiraj Hirpara, Managing Director, Champion Agro Ltd.
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