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Total branding for a sound & prominent industrial brand


Since its inaugural year 1983 itself, Admiracle has been involved with the branding of PBW Bearings, a prominent industrial group, made them extensively recognized as a top brand for their pursuit for excellence offering quality products and acquiring optimum customer delight. Admiracle has been with them since then, enjoying their three decades in the industry together and partnered them along their evolution to an established and remarkable industry group.

PBW has broadened their horizons into new global markets. They needed an enterprising, sophisticated image for which every single stakeholder can feel honoured. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building. Admiracle devised a new, ingenious visual image that made PBW connect with its versatile face. Our synergetic process and devout team endeavoured to set up a visual system with concept product photography to enable conscious brand message and present their essence as a values-driven brand.

Embracing customers as family members at every juncture has inspired PBW ever. Therefore, in building their brand, Admiracle has readily highlighted integrity, values, user experience and benevolence that is the hallmark of the organization itself.

We opted for a text system to make it the nucleus of the brand; a flexible framework to give PBW the expression it requires with a resolute and clean image. That would also let each and every stakeholder to adopt the succeeding appeal of the brand; a genuine requirement for developing a uniformly noticeable brand commitment. The redesigned brand identity consists of an oval shape and brand name text written in rich red with elongated circular shapes and product's name shown in deep green colour on the right side with a straight line between them, while letting space to add on further as the brand develops.

Creating designs compatible with the epic brand story


For the visual approach, we adopted a pivotal point that perfectly connects along side the visual legacy and rich tradition of the culture. Famous for its exclusive ways which guided us to design a set of pictorial icons for catalogues and a blueprint with a hint of innovative style. The pages of exhibitions and product specifications were apparently the most vital and challenging parts of their branding. It's all about perfect size, measure and the micro details. One can easily avail and understand the required information. The tabbed content citing the product info, everything was kept clear and accessible.

Working with Admiracle is always like a good family bond, encouraging and friendly. They have really understood the concept of our business very well. They have been extremely creative. Even when we don't see each other at times, it doesn't make any change to our projects at all. Being very prompt to respond, we can ask them for help almost any time. Their work is just perfect from every angle. They really listen to their clients very keenly. They work from the user experience perspective. I know them personally as honest professionals with design sense for years now. Since 1983, we have been associated with them for our comprehensive branding. Thank you, Team Admiracle.
Naresh Patel, Director, Patel Brass Works Pvt. Ltd.
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