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Trendy branding for an imposing jewellery brand


Shilpa Lifestyle, a top jewellery brand, presents sophisticated mastery and unique styles which is something like contemporary grandeur mingles well with conventional finesse and some wonderful jewellery. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building.

Shilpa Lifestyle was seeking for a new creative perspective of the collateral for branding and advertising with more creative and lively ideas. All these at the back of our minds, we came up with a style focused on contemporary women for the brand, using images snapped with subtle sense and witty slogans for print media, environmental graphics and digital media posts and also conducted redesign of their website.

Social media to push the brand more digitally


As a stable brand they are aware of their profession from within and outside, the products and services they offer, their customer base, they have a passion about their identity and performance as a brand. We noticed their thinking and emotions, understood and analyzed. We classified it all, arranged it and provided it the proper tone, personality and feelings. We decoded it all and subsequently developed revealing, insightful, jubilant and playful posts to achieve right impact. This way, digital branding has stepped up brand recall for them.

Telling enchanting stories with dimensional photography


For the customised designs, we conducted concept photography which was really justifiable. Owing to the types of their jewellery, we undertook photography from all angles to play with, allowing the images do the talking, particularly for the albums of Gold and Diamond. We have given every detail of jewellery with fascinating tales and information with these ideal visuals creating fusion with the immortal traditions with modern trends. The themes were put across so elegantly to the onlookers that it would push them to believe it right to purchase the mesmerizing jewellery they offer.

Website design presenting the essence of the highly trusted jewellery brand


They brought us on board to design a website focusing on user experience, rich with fluid content showcasing their brand values of intricate designs, unique mastery and integrity. In order to build a lavish visual feel, we utilized artistic and modern photographs and video clips for the website with contemporary ways to show the supreme designs and diverse collections of their jewellery with a page for each one of them, i.e. Rajasthan Rajputana, Chocolate Diamond Jewellery, Pratham, Shivam etc. with fine details. To design creatives for their digital target audience, we developed font hierarchies and colour palettes; iconography and included concept photography as a guiding principle to convey micro communication with animation.

Videos depicting conventional jewels having a new look with the age old charm


By making small concept videos connecting legends with ongoing trends, the Rajasthani Rajputana Jewellery collection is not only an authentic genius but also an amalgamation of craft both in unique designs and intricate artistry. Presenting its grandeur and motifs with delicate enamelling they take the viewers back to the golden memories of the times of the kingdoms. It was made to appear modern and fascinating for them enlivening the ancient appeal in novel patterns with wonderful background tunes, a fabulous combination of classical and folk music together.

We needed our branding to feel cohesive. Admiracle can work on multiple campaigns while still ensuring that it feels like all part of the same family at the same time. The expertise, creative concepts and skills that Admiracle possesses, is so exciting and I fail to find words to thank them enough for developing the new look of our brand. Their creativity is some of the best I have ever seen. Their ingrained ability to convert art into commercial arena is incredible. Our website design, graphic designs and audio visual productions are to their credit which are always visually attractive
Prabhudas Parekh, Director, Shipa Lifestyle
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