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Awakening awareness for a noble social concept


An NRI professional from USA, Mukesh Sayani, came across a beautiful concept of globally spreading awareness about a very essential but many a time underestimated place of the homemakers in our societies. According to him, the homemakers should get the respect they deserve as they by no means are less contributors than the fighters deployed at the border of any country, particularly when they are nurturing the children, the next global citizens.

This concept has effectively touched the sentiments and instincts of thousands of people all over the globe. We present herewith their case study showing our involvement in their brand building. Mr. Sayani assigned us the job of highlighting the all-important contribution of the branding of this idea in enhancing moral support for the homemakers. He was willing to design a logo that would be motivating and thought provoking.

We started with the essential and formative aspect, clarifying what it was we intended to attain, the barriers we had to cope and the audience, the idea was aimed at. From there, we designed graphics and built visual framework that would suit and connect simultaneously with the mission in designing a website based on user experience for them.

A website enabling expression of dignity and honor


The adaptability to convey its message with diversified universal audience was required by Hug The Homemaker. The home page of the web displays all its concepts with soppy slogans in the sliders. The Blog link allows everyone to put one's views and upload an image too with it. For further details, the 'Continue to read' button is there. The icon of Share can be clicked to share on Facebook & Twitter. Efforts have been made by us to include every related matter. We incorporated several narratives in the links of The Idea and The Homemakers to explain the subject at length.

Thank you all at admiracle team! The beginning was great for us. It addressed the right cord for what we require for our mission and gave us space for growth. Apart from the impressive and interactive website, we now have got new friends that we can trust on at Admiracle–our key ally. The positivity you rendered working with my team is exactly the ideals and principles that we follow at HTHM. You have given your time to make us reach where we aimed to. You projected, nourished and persuaded our goals in this journey. By framing out how to make us carry our identity, you have become part of our commitment. You are not just professionals, you are Admiracle, a valuable contributor to our noble project.
Mukesh Sayani, Founder, Hug The Homemaker
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